Biometric Authentication For Dummies

iProov Launches the Biometric Authentication For Dummies Guide

14 September 2021

Today, iProov publishes the definitive guide to online biometric authentication, written in partnership with the “For Dummies” series.

Biometric Authentication For Dummies is the amalgamation of years of industry experience, expertise and insight, distilled into seven short chapters. Easy to read and packed with information, it provides a comprehensive overview of how organizations can use biometric authentication to verify user identity online and safely deliver digital services to customers and citizens.

The guide has been written for anyone that is interested in using online biometric authentication in their organization, whether in Financial Services, Government, Healthcare or other sectors. 

The seven chapters of the guide cover: 

  1. Why do we need to authenticate people online? When is online authentication necessary? And what methods are available for verifying that an online user is who they claim to be? Biometric Authentication for Dummies looks at the advantages and disadvantages of several biometric authentication options.
  2. Why use biometrics for online authentication? What are the alternatives to biometric authentication online? What are the advantages and disadvantages of knowledge-based authentication methods (such as passwords or security questions) and possession-based methods (such as mobile devices and hardware tokens)?
  3. Securing biometric systems. Biometric systems are like any other security system: they can never be 100 percent secure from every conceivable attack. Biometric Authentication for Dummies explains the various ways in which biometric systems can be attacked and provides guidance on how to protect your systems from those attack types.
  4. Protecting user privacy with biometrics. What are the privacy laws, guidelines, and standards that control how biometric authentication is delivered?
  5. The usability of biometrics. If security is not usable, people will find workarounds that are not secure. The good news is that biometric authentication, when implemented correctly, can be effortless for the user. Biometric Authentication for Dummies explains how this can be achieved.
  6. Understanding certifications and standardized testing. How can you evaluate the accuracy and security of a biometric authentication system? What certification and standardized testing options are available to help you?
  7. 10 considerations for choosing a biometric vendor. What are the key factors that you need to consider when looking for a biometric authentication system? What questions should you be asking your vendors and how do you establish your priorities?

Why read Biometric Authentication For Dummies? 

iProov knows a lot about online biometric authentication. Since 2013, we have been developing highly secure, highly usable technology that is trusted by the world’s most security-conscious organizations. Over 100 million people are verified annually by iProov, to bring trust, safety and reassurance to the internet. Read more about our Genuine Presence Assurance technology.

iProov’s customers include…

…and many more. 

After reading this guide, you’ll be your organization’s biometric authentication expert.

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