If you’re looking for a who’s who of the top cybersecurity technology vendors, the shortlist for the SC Awards is an excellent place to start. 

The SC Awards are recognized as the gold standard of achievement for cybersecurity providers, products and professionals.

The 2020 shortlist was announced yesterday and iProov is extremely proud to announce that we are featured for Best Authentication Technology

The shortlist was decided by a prestigious panel of expert judges, who use a set of criteria to recognize the industry players that are at the top of their game. iProov’s biometric Genuine Presence Assurance technology is being used by organisations around the world, including the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the U.K. Home Office, the NHS, Rabobank, and ING, to provide consumers with secure, effortless access to online services.

What is Genuine Presence Assurance?

Genuine Presence Assurance allows governments, financial service institutions, travel providers, and other enterprises to confirm that an online user of a service is:

  • The right person - the individual trying to access an account or service is the holder of that account and not an impersonator 
  • A real person - photos or masks are not being used to gain unauthorized access
  • Present right now - the authentication is happening in real-time and is not a replay attack, where a video of a previous authentication is rerun to gain unauthorized access 

What are the SC Awards?

The SC Awards are recognized as the pinnacle of accomplishment for cybersecurity professionals, products and services. For over 20 years, the awards have recognized the vendors and leaders that are protecting consumers and businesses from cyber-attacks.

SC Awards Europe 2020 will be announcing the winners online on 2nd June 2020. In the meantime, keep in touch with iProov on Twitter or LinkedIn.


iProov is pleased to announce that we have joined the FIDO Alliance, the industry association focused on reducing the world’s over-reliance on passwords.

Passwords have become increasingly unfit for purpose in a world where so much interaction is completed online and consumers are accessing large numbers of websites and apps.

Why are passwords unfit for purpose?

  • Expecting consumers to follow the guidelines for creating passwords (make passwords unique for every important account, make passwords longer and memorable, avoid personal or common words) is no longer reasonable. In a Google survey, 51% of people admitted to reusing the same password for multiple accounts.
  • As consumers increasingly rely on their browsers to remember passwords, the security risk increases - a laptop left unlocked, or that is compromised, potentially provides access to financial and reputation damage.
  • Stolen and reused credentials are responsible for 80% of hacking breaches.

How is iProov enabling the move to a passwordless world?

iProov’s facial biometric technology replaces the need for passwords. With iProov, a user authenticates themselves simply and securely with patented technology. By illuminating the face with a sequence of coloured lights, we provide Genuine Presence Assurance.

What is Genuine Presence Assurance?

Genuine Presence Assurance allows governments, financial service institutions, travel providers, and other enterprises to confirm that an online user of a service is:

  • The right person - the individual trying to access an account or service is the holder of that account and not an impersonator 
  • A real person - photos or masks are not being used to gain unauthorized access 
  • Present right now - the authentication is happening in real-time and is not a replay attack, where a video of a previous authentication is rerun to gain unauthorized access  

Enterprises and public sector agencies around the world are using Genuine Presence Assurance from iProov to enable access to the most secure online services, from bank transfers to tax returns, without depending on passwords.

Which companies are FIDO members?

Other FIDO members include Apple, Amazon, American Express, Bank of America, Facebook, Google, ING, Intel, Mastercard, Microsoft, PayPal, Samsung, and VISA.

Keep up to date on our work in reducing the world’s over-reliance on passwords - follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn.


How will we vote, pay, travel, work, interact and transact in a digital world, if identity fraud continues to threaten trust and security?

That’s the question that iProov will be helping to answer at the connect:ID conference this week in Washington DC. It’s a great event, attended by representatives from government and the private sector, that focuses on the need for new thinking to combat identity fraud in a digital, data-driven world.

Come and meet the iProov team on our booth #115, or join us in one of our presentations:

The Last Mile - Securely Binding Real People To Secure Digital Identities | 4.35pm, 11 March, Stage 3 | Andrew Bud, CEO, iProov

Come and hear Andrew talk about the work that iProov has been doing with governments and banks around the world, including the Department of Homeland Security, Home Office, NHS, Rabobank and ING. What are the threats that governments and banks face, what is driving those threats, and how can they be combatted?

What is Truly Secure and Passive Authentication? | 2.45pm, 11 March, Table 13 | Simon Williamson, Vice President Sales, iProov North America

Join our roundtable for a discussion on passive authentication; what is it and what are the security, usability, and commercial implications of different types of passive authentication.

Deepfakes: The New Frontier of Digital Identity Fraud | 3.20pm, 12 March, Stage 4 | Joe Palmer, President iProov Inc

Joe will be talking about how evolving deepfake technology is forcing a rethink on the way that governments and enterprises are protecting themselves and their citizens/customers against presentation and replay attacks.

If you’re not attending connect:ID and would like more information on these presentations or on our services, please contact us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

What is connect:ID?

connect:ID is an identity conference and exhibition that focuses on how disruptive technology and policy decisions are driving much needed change in the world of identity, particularly in government and finance.

What’s on the agenda at connect:ID?

Also on the agenda this week: Trusted Authentication, Identity Proofing, Online Authentication, Remote Onboarding, Digital Identity Standards, Federated Identity, KYC/AML, Combatting Document Fraud, Border Control, Privacy and Consent, Compliance & Regulation, Meaningful Consent, Payments and Open Banking, Smart Cities, Protecting Citizens Online, Mobile Citizen ID, Next-Generation Biometrics, Traveler Identity, Seamless Traveler Journey, Biometric Exit/Entry, Advanced Passenger Identification, Secure Ports of Entry, Digital Identity Fraud, Presentation Attack Detection, Account Takeover Fraud.


International Women’s Day is a recognised day worldwide, celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of all women globally. We are moving into a very exciting time in gender balance history where the world notices its absence and celebrates its presence. We’ve seen movements like #PledgeForParity in 2016, #BeBoldForChange in 2017, #PressForProgress in 2018 and #BalanceForBetter in 2019. And so here we are in 2020, and iProov is celebrating #EachForEqual.

Susannah, our Digital Marketing Executive, had a fireside chat with Sital, Product Marketing Manager, Lynne, Global Head of Product Marketing, Sarah, Global Head of Marketing and Ju Lee, Financial Controller, to hear what International Women’s Day means to them, and what advice they would share with other women. 


Susannah: What does International Women’s Day mean to you? 

Sital: It's an opportunity to recognise the achievements of women and the contribution they make on a daily basis whilst juggling home and work. It gives us, as women, an opportunity to stop and take stock of our achievements and support each other. I am lucky that our community has hosted International Women's Day events, an evening to dress up, spend time with like minded women. I look forward to hearing inspirational stories from women of non British background, and how they have overcome obstacles and flourished in Britain. This year I am organising my own little event too.

Lynne: An opportunity for women around the world to share and highlight their stories.

Sarah: Women's rights are always under siege and we ignore that at our peril. International Women's Day is a good opportunity to assess how far we've come and what remains to be done.

Ju Lee: It’s a day of celebration, to share achievements and to give each other a pat on the back. It’s also an opportunity to highlight how much still needs to be done and to remind us that to do nothing unwinds all the good work that has been done so far.


Susannah: Typically women are the primary carers for elderly parents and children, whilst balancing a career. What advice would you give to those juggling many roles across personal and professional life?

Sital: Firstly, remember to look after yourself. It's easy to get wrapped up in the needs of those being cared for, but unless you are healthy and fit enough to look after others, it will fail. You have an identity that isn't just being a carer, so make time for yourself. Secondly, ask for help!

Lynne: Remember how much you love them and how much they love you, but also sometimes accept that you can't do everything yourself, you don't need to be superwomen!  Ask for help.

Sarah: Set out what is important and how much can realistically be achieved in 168 hours a week and then try and keep the right balance between your priorities.

Ju Lee: There is no doubt that the challenge is tough but women are amazingly strong, resilient and resourceful. Keep reminding yourself of the positives of what you are trying to achieve, find support from others in a similar position and make sure you allocate time for yourself.


Susannah: Who do you hope to be a role model for? 

Sital: Mostly my niece, but also younger family and community members.

Lynne: I've never thought about myself as a role model. I just try to do the best I can in every situation.

Sarah: Women should support each other but I do feel a special affinity with working class girls who don't get to see the full scale of opportunities that are open to them.  

Ju Lee: I hope that anyone who joins iProov will be able to see how women are valued in the company and opportunities given are based on merit not gender.


A note from Aarti, SVP of Product and Marketing:

Many of us are lucky to be part of organisations where equality is both a guiding principle and practise. Here at iProov, we are invested in our people. Our company values are initiated by our CEO Andrew Bud, to support and encourage a culture of diversity. 

The range of demographics across the organisation, enables iProov to propel as a startup and remain current in its values. Our flexible working policies enable inclusivity, and women centric comms channels offer an ongoing hub of support. iProov encourages everyone to have a voice, and ensures that your voice is just as important as the next. Every Friday, we have a company stand up where everyone has time to speak about their achievements of  the week and offer a shout out to a colleague. 

iProov enjoys celebrating the uniqueness of our people. Recently, we published a blog post celebrating International Day of Women and Girls in Science. The blog showcased the career trajectories and accomplishments of iProov women in STEM, and demonstrated some of the exciting work that STEM skills can lead to, to inspire young women to pursue STEM.


iProov is proud to announce that its facial authentication technology is the first to achieve international digital identity conformance certification and has gone live in Estonia’s state-certified digital identity program. This represents a world-first for biometric authentication, machine learning and cloud-based services.

Since 2014, Estonia has earned a global reputation for pioneering the provision and use of digital identities for its citizens. The Smart-ID service now allows Estonians to renew a Smart-ID account, wherever they are in the world, without having to visit a bank branch.

Using an app on their smartphone, a user simply scans the chip of their ID document using the phone’s contactless reader. They then prove that they are the holder of that document by ‘iProoving’ themselves with a 3 second scan that checks if they’re the right person, a real person, and present right now, thus protecting against fraud and criminal activity. With a Smart-ID they can authenticate their identity and provide digital signatures online, recognised as being equivalent to handwritten signatures, anywhere in Europe.

The Smart-ID service, which is also available in Latvia and Lithuania, is provided by SK ID Solutions, a Trust Service Provider in the Europe-wide eIDAS digital identity system. The Smart-ID mobile app also uses InnoValor’s NFC-based ReadID document verification technology alongside iProov’s patented Flashmark facial verification technology.

The new biometric service is a world-first and could only be realised by achieving certification to the most rigorous EU standards for trust and security online. Independent German auditors TÜV have certified the solution for conformance to eIDAS Clause 24 1(d) and this has been confirmed by the Government of Estonia. The solution is now authorised to be used to issue “Qualified Signatures”, the EU’s highest level of security.  Through conformance to EN 319-401 (and other standards), the certification confirms that the facial verification service provides ‘equivalent assurance in terms of reliability to physical presence’; a huge step forward for the industry.

This is the first time that this “high” level of eIDAS certification has been awarded to any solution which includes services delivered in the cloud, or reliant on machine learning, or based on biometric authentication. iProov’s service is all three of these and has broken new ground with certification to EN 319-401.

Andrew Bud, Founder and CEO of iProov, said: “This is a major development for all digital identity providers. Estonia has proved, for the first time, that a remote, automated, biometric ID verification service can deliver the highest possible levels of security.”  

“eIDAS is probably the most demanding civil conformance standard in the world and iProov is the first automated facial verification technology to be certified. This gives consumers and organisations the confidence to carry out transactions online and to adopt new services. This is absolutely critical to long-term economic and social development worldwide.”

“Tens of thousands of people will be updating their Smart-ID accounts in the next few months,” said Kalev Pihl, CEO of SK ID Solutions. “With this new solution, those people can choose to complete the process from the comfort of their own homes or offices. The benefits to the citizen are enormous – great convenience, a simple user experience, and trust in the security of the service.

“This new application combines the NFC capabilities of smartphones and biometric passports and identity cards to create the best user experience as well as optimal security. We are proud to have our mobile identity verification solution ReadID inside SK’s breakthrough Smart-ID solution,” said Maarten Wegdam, CEO of InnoValor. “Using NFC, we can remotely determine the authenticity of the identity document at the trust level that is needed for qualified signatures. In addition, the high-resolution face-image from the chip enables secure facial matching.”

iProov’s unique patented technology provides governments, banks and other enterprises with genuine presence assurance, allowing them to authenticate users remotely on smartphones or other devices. Using iProov, individuals can verify that they are a real person, the right person, and authenticating themselves right now, thus protecting against fraud or criminal activity.

Read more about iProov's biometric authentication services

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