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    Facial Biometric Verification: Ensuring Equitable and Inclusive Access

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    2024 Gartner® Emerging Tech: The Impact of AI and Deepfakes on Identity Verification

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    iProov Threat Intelligence Report 2024: The Impact of Generative AI on Remote Identity Verification

  • AI and Biometrics

    Identity Crisis in the Digital Age: Using Science-Based Biometrics to Combat Malicious Generative AI

  • Gartner Market Guide for User Authentication

  • Vox Pop: Getting Identity Right From the Start

  • EU digital Identity Wallet unlocking financial inclusion with digital identity and biometric verification

    Unlocking Financial Inclusion With Digital Identity and Biometric Verification

  • Stolen to Synthetic: The Evolution of Identity Fraud and the Need for Resilient Identity Verification

  • Demystifying Biometric Face Verification - report pdf title text in front of arrows on a light blue background

    Demystifying Biometric Face Verification

  • How can biometric technology fight public sector benefit fraud?

    Using Biometric Technology To Fight Public Sector Benefit Fraud

  • iProov Biometric Threat Intelligence eBook

  • Gartner® Buyer’s Guide for Identity Proofing

  • How Can Financial Institutions Safeguard Against Deepfakes: The New Frontier of Online Crime?

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    iProov Biometric Threat Intelligence Report

  • How Latin American Banks Can Safeguard Against Deepfakes: The New Frontier of Financial Crime

  • KuppingerCole Names iProov an Innovation Leader in 2022 Market Compass

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    Digital Identity Report: What Consumers Want and How Governments, Banks and Other Enterprises can Deliver

  • The New EU Digital Identity Wallet: Four Key Challenges and the Route to Success

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    Work From Clone: How Criminals Are Using Deepfakes for Job Applications

  • Gartner Innovation Insight for Biometric Authentication

  • Couch to Gate: How Enabling Document Check-From-Home Can Improve the Travel Experience and Deliver More Revenue

  • Del sofá a la puerta de embarque:  Cómo mejorar la experiencia de viaje y generar mayores ingresos habilitando el registro de documentos desde casa

  • Gartner Gartner Predicts 2022: Governments Scaling Gains from Disruption

    Governments Scaling Gains From Disruption: 2022 Insights from Gartner

  • Biometric Authentication for Identity Service Providers

    Biometric Authentication for Identity Service Providers

  • Biometric Authentication for Government Guide cover image

    Biometric Authentication for Government

  • Biometric Authentication for Financial Services

    Biometric Authentication for Financial Services

  • Industry Insight: Biometrics for Business

  • iProov Named a Gartner Cool Vendor: Get Your Copy

  • Insurance Face Verification

    Online Face Verification in Insurance: 5 Ways To Enable Digital Transformation

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    Online Banking in Canada Report: Balancing Security with User Experience?

  • Digital Identity in the USA: What Do Americans Want From the DMV?

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    Case Studies in Government Digital Identity

  • US Online Digital Banking

    Online Banking in the U.S. Part 2: Digital Account Access

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    Online Banking in the U.S. Part 1: Onboarding

  • The Threat of Deepfakes: download the report

    The Threat of Deepfakes Report

  • Top Considerations for Online Customer Onboarding in Financial Services

    Top Considerations for Online Onboarding in Financial Services

  • The End of the Passport report iProov

    The End of the Password Report

  • Deepfake threat to financial services report

    Deepfakes: The Threat to Financial Services Report